Graduates Checklist


Graduands are reminded to ensure the following :

[    ] has watched the SOP video of the Graduates Movement During the Convocation Ceremony for the purpose of compliance with the procedures of the 16th & 17th Convocation Ceremony.

[     ] has read and understood the 16th & 17th Convocation Ceremony Guidelines.

[     ] comply with the standard operating procedures of  COVID-19 for the 16th & 17th Convocation Ceremony.

[     ] has completed all Graduation Requirements as stated in the e-convo.

[     ] has verified the attendance to the ceremony and select the robe size.

[     ] received a complete convocation attire (robe, mortar board, hood) and in good condition.

[     ] adhere to the Convocation Ceremony Dress Code.

[     ] register at the Dewan Kuliah / PFi2 according to the time determined.

[     ] collect the seating number at Dewan Ilmu.

[     ] return the convocation robe at the Dewan Kuliah / PFi1

[     ] collect the scrolls and  academic transcripts at Dewan Kuliah / PFi1

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