Graduates Dress Code


  • Male graduates are required to wear dark color lounge suits, bright color long-sleeved shirts and a tie. (T-shirts, jeans or short pants are not permitted)
  • Male graduates must wear dark color and polished covered shoes with socks. (Sneakers / sandals are not permitted)
  • Hair must be kept short and not touching the shirt collar.




  • Female graduates' attire is baju kurung, kebarung or a maxi dress of any color.
  • Hijab wearing female graduates are encouraged to wear light color hijab. ("Berpurdah" is not permitted)
  • For skirt wearers, the skirt hemline must be ankle length and not too revealing. Shirts must be sleeves. (Short skirts or short pants are not permitted)
  • Female graduates must wear covered shoes with heel.



  • Hood must be positioned above both shoulders.
  • Tassels must hang down from the front left side of the cap.


* The Convocation Ceremony is an official University function. Graduates are reminded to adhere to the dress code as stated above.

* Graduates who DO NOT ADHERE to the dress code WILL BE DENIED to entry the parade nor onto the stage for the conferment of Degree and Diploma. 

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